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Hear from Our Girls:

Hear from Our Parents:

Ms. Joy


First, please allow me to express my sincerest gratitude for this wonderful organization and divinely inspired initiative to reach our young ladies. Thank you! At the moment my daughter returned from last year's camp, she had nothing but great things to say as to how much fun she had, all the things she learned as a result of the workshops and presentations and the relationships she created while there. Her excitement continued when she received a postcard from WEG! Ecstatic is truly an understatement, I could see the joy in her eyes because she knew she had this to look forward to the following year.

At the moment she got news that registration was opening up for this year's camp, she wouldn't allow me a moment's rest until I shared the information with her best friend's mother, who will be sending her  daughter as well. I know this is a lot to say just to submit my application, but I needed you to know the affect WEG had on my daughter, and for that I am truly grateful, in addition to that fact that many other young ladies are afforded the opportunity to be impacted and influenced by other powerful women who love God first, and who are successful in their endeavors as well.

Ms. Diana


Thanks again Ms. Sylvia for another great year of WEG. Glad Rheana was able to make it again. Rheana enjoyed herself, she told me it was even better this year. Keep it up you and your staff are doing great things and making a difference.


Ms. Beatrice


I just wanted to say thank you very much of the knowledge & building up my 2 daughters self-esteem, for the last past 2 summers. We look forward to seeing you this summer.

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